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swimming hall water treatment


Clear, hygienically clean water and perfect fun in swimming are our priorities. Therefore we at aquila do not offer standard solutions – but long-lived plants which are designed by our engineers individually for your requirements and installed by our technicians ready-for-use.

  • Pool water treatment plants according to DIN 19643
  • Water treatment plants for industrial purposes
  • Complete service from project discussion to ready-for-use final assembly including initial operation and complete documentation
  • Fixed bed filtration for water treatment in leakage testing for the automotive industry
  • Plants for deferrization and demanganization
  • Rain water treatment for the production of emulsions
  • Development of individual solutions for special use in water treatment plants

Freibad Babenhausen

Circulation capacity 772 m³/h

Exterior view of the swimming pool Babenhausen
Exterieur view Babenhausen
outdoor pool Babenhausen with water technology from aquila
Technology by aquila
swimming pool babenhausen from outside
Exterior view Nordbad Erfurt

Emser Therme, Bad Ems

Circulation capacity 958 m³/h

internal view of Emser Therme
Interior view Emser Therme
water technology from aquila at Emser Therme
Technology by aquila
experience shower at Emser Therme with technology from aquila
experience shower Emser Therme

Schwimmoper Wuppertal

Circulation capacity 554 m³/h

internal view of Schwimmoper Wuppertal
Interior view Schwimmoper Wuppertal
childrens pool with attractions
Children’s pool with attractions

Bad Hall

Circulation capacity 623 m³/h

pool water treatment technology of aquila in Bad Hall
Technology by aquila
outdoor swimming pool in Bad Hall with technology from aquila
Outdoor pool in Bad Hall

Nettebad Osnabrück

Circulation capacity 2,400 m³/h

Nettebad Osnabrück from inside
Interior view Nettebad Osnabrück
water technology from aquila in use
Technology by aquila
children pool and attractions
Children’s pool with attractions

Nordbad Erfurt

Circulation capacity 1,530 m³/h

Nordbad Erfurt from outside
Exterior view Nordbad Erfurt
water technology from aquila at Nordbad Erfurt
Technology by aquila