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aquila water park

The history of aquila

Aquila wasseraufbereitungstechnik gmbh was founded in 2000 by Wolfgang Clärding, Jan Behner and Reimund Klein. The Company is based in Wertheim, Germany, which is known for it´s historic oldtown and the location near Wertheim Village. Wertheim, which is often affected by the floods, is located in the heart of Germany and provides us with an ideal location to supply both national and international customers with our water treatment plants. The nearby motorway A3, and the proximity to Frankfurt Airport (about 1 hour) are a good basis to  be quickly in all places in Germany or in other parts of the world. Furthermore Wertheim is easily accessible via the waterways, as it is right on the river Main. With 15 years aquila is still a young company in the field of water technology. However, we became, with the help of our innovative solutions and dedicated staff, one of the leading numbers for water treatment. Now we employ more than 100 employees throughout Germany and not only in Wertheim.

Water treatment technology from Wertheim for the whole world

In the early years, only institutions of the national environment were our customer. Later, we were able to offer our water treatment systems for swimming and bathing pools in the international sector. Our clients include numerous swimming pools and water parks, public facilities and hotels. See here a selection of our customers who rely on aquila's water technology, made in Wertheim. We are very proud about our mission at Aqua-Park Minsk. There´s a completely new attraction for visitors - "The World of Elements". The implementation of such innovative new product is not an easy task. But with our highly qualified and reliable staff, we managed this project successfully. What is the raincave? See it on YouTube.

Have we convinced you and may assist you in the planning, implementation and maintenance of your water treatment plant? Just give us a call or contact us on. We look forward to meeting you!

aquila was founded in 2000 and employs more than 80 people all over Germany. With more than 250 installed plants we are today one of the leading companies in water treatment technology and - thanks to our energy-efficient technologies - we are number one regarding sustainability.

Our mission of sustainable acting guides the planning, design, and production of our plants for the treatment of pool and spa water as well as for industrial purposes. Our team consists of people, who are always looking for the perfect solution thanks to their love of development, and of partners with innovative subcomponents who have a large share in the high quality of our products.

Please do not hesitate to call us. We are sure to find a particularly sustainable and energy-efficient solution for your requirements.